Silicone Personalised Teething Set With Pacifier Clip And Teether Porridgekid


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Teething ring / Sensory Ring / Baby Chew Ring

Set with teething ring and dummy clip!

Ring diameter approx: 3,5 inch ( ~ 9 cm )

Dummy clip length 22 cm - 26 cm. If baby has button style dummy then may need dummy adapter.

• Discard after 6 months.
• Dummy clip is not to be used as a toy or teether
• BPA free/ phthalates free/ cadmium free/ lead free
• Food Grade Silicone made for teething babies
• Odorless / Tasteless
• Made in very clean / smoke free / pet free environment
• Easy cleanable - just wash in warm soapy water
• Very strong cord
• Please wash it before first use

Silicone will not support bacterial growth so is great for teething items


Please NEVER left your baby unattended with this product. Always check for wear and tear before use. Discard after 6 months. Dummy clip is not to be used as a toy or teether

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Please note:

After being wet wooden pieces may became rough. It is normal because wood is untreated and unvarnished - only hand polished. Rough wood won`t hurt baby but if you want wood smooth again, please use FINE sand paper and slightly polish wood piece. For great result you can rub in wood any vegetable oil ( or organic coconut, or linseed (please follow allergen advice) )

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Comply with: EN12586:2007 + A1:2011
EN 71-1:2014
All materials is safe. Comply with EN 71-3:2013 + A1:2014